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The creating program is free; but by installing it you accept the terms stated in the license agreement below. Please confirm it by checking the following checkbox:

Installing the creating program is comprised of the following steps:
1. Download the file and save it in some folder on your computer.
2. Transfer it via FTP to your system (AS/400 or IBM iSeries) (using the PUT command). The representation type should be binary IMAGE (bin).
3. The file is a save file named TMGS containing a library named TMGLIB. Restore the library using the RSTLIB command.
4. Add the library to the library list.
You are done! - Unless your system does not contain for some reason a library named QSYSINC. In such a case the following additional steps should be taken:
5. Create a library named QSYSINC.
6. Create in the library a source Physical file named QRPGLESRC (record length 112) and a source Physical file named QCBLLESRC (record length 92).
7. Copy members QDMRTVFO, QUSROBJD and QUSEC in each of the files QRPGLESRC and QCBLLESRC from library TMGLIB to library QSYSINC respectively.
Everything is ready now to learn how to use the creating program.
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