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Let's have a look at the list box like window.
The most interesting command key here is F10. This command key is used to toggle instantaneously between the window and the applicative program screen from where the window has been invoked. In this particular case, the applicative program screen, after pressing command key F10 once, looks like this:
Pressing command key F10 again will bring back the window.
The advantage gained this way is that on one hand the window can contain maximum lines (records) and maximum rows (fields) of the table, and on the other hand actually almost no part of the applicative program screen (except the 3 bottom lines) is covered by the window.
Command key F14 toggles between displaying the names of the fields and displaying the heading of the fields as defined in the DDS of the table.
Command key F17 enables the immediate positioning of the window to a desired key value of the table. Immediate positioning can also be achieved by entering the desired key value while invoking the window from the applicative screen (the calling code value in the above case).
The function of the other command keys is self-explanatory.
Selection is performed by bringing the cursor to the desired line (record) and pressing the Enter key.
Let's proceed now describing how to install the creating program.
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